The Call of Wild Wyoming

In 2009, when I began planning my Appalachian Trail thru-hike I knew there were a lot of unknowns ahead. One thing I looked forward to was the freedom and spontaneity of life in the woods. My intuition was right, after completing my thru-hike I discovered that living simply in nature yielded more abundance than I could have imagined. I’ve been passionate about sharing this message ever since and have made a life actualizing this mission through photography and storytelling.

My familiarity and love of the West, particularly Wyoming, was evident during my travels throughout the summer of 2016. I spent three weeks camping and traveling independently while photographing the vast night sky of the Grand Tetons, meeting kindred spirits in Jackson Hole, and very narrowly escaping one of the most harrowing and dangerous storms I’ve ever witnessed! I lived a simple life traveling throughout Wyoming, one grew quite fond of. 

Since reading Walden a decade ago, I’ve become fascinated by the transcendental life, and working towards this simplicity. My time traveling throughout Wyoming provided me with an opportunity to inspire others to prioritize experiential fulfillment over materialism, to appreciate nature’s amphitheater over a cinema, and to enjoy the smell of sweet grass and fresh air over artificial scents and thermal regulated spaces. I am grateful to be a part of the movement of encouraging a return to simplicity and nature by capturing the wild, vast, and raw mysteries of our natural world. Included below are some photos from my time in Wyoming.