A Weekend in the Catskills with Coleman


It's time for us to expand our camping equipment and we couldn't be happier with our new tent, cooler, chair, and lantern that we tested during a long summer weekend in the Catskill mountains. My wife and I are expecting our first child, due December 1, and we are incredibly excited for this new chapter. We live in New York City now, but both grew up in the Midwest spending our free time camping with our families in the great outdoors. Thinking about bringing a child into this world has made us think about our values and what is really important to us. One thing is for sure, instilling a love of nature and a sense of comfort and awe in the natural world are values we hold dear and want to pass on to the little one.

Taryn and I have been lucky to do a lot of adventuring together, but so far it’s been just the two of us. So when we thought about expanding that number we began to consciously update our gear. Below is a review of some new Coleman products we got that we cannot wait to use with our family and friends!


Coleman Tent, 6-PERSON DARK ROOM SUNDOME TENT: this tent sleeps 6 people and is incredibly spacious and can easily be set up in less than 5 minutes. My wife or I can do most of it independently, but the only part where two people is helpful is when you need to raise the poles. Our favorite feature is the dark room technology. If you are sensitive to sunlight and tend to wake up at 5am, but would prefer to get a little more shuteye, this technology blocks out 90% of sunlight. We’re hoping this helps our little one be a better sleeper while camping!


Coleman Cooler, 54 QUART STEEL BELTED® COOLER: a classic and durable cooler that is super easy to clean and drain. We went camping for 5 days and were able to fit all our food and beverages inside. It’s the perfect cooler for car camping! 

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Coleman Chair, COOLER QUAD CHAIR: large comfy outdoor chair, perfect for one or a parent and little one, that dries incredibly quickly! (It got soaked one morning and was dry an hour later and it wasn’t even in the sun!) Best parts of the chair: folds up easily and it has a cup holder and a small cooler in one arm rest so you can chill your beverage on deck! Loungin’ made easy!


Coleman Lantern + Speaker, COLEMAN 360° SOUND AND LIGHT LANTERN: perhaps our favorite new item, this lantern doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. We used the lantern for night hikes and photography and the speaker came in handy around the campfire. The light has three settings and the volume on the speaker works for any setting from chill vibes to an outdoor party with friends. Anything that helps us consolidate the amount of items we need to bring on a trip, especially with now a little one in tow, is always appreciated. We loved using this over the weekend and can’t wait to use it again and again.

For our next purchase we are thinking about getting a Coleman stove so we can heat up our meals. Which one do you recommend?

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